Adams County Utilities

Competitive utility rates and a fully developed infrastructure that provide key advantages to area businesses


Affordable Utilities

Adams County is competitive when it comes to the bottom line. Our region offers lower property tax rates and affordable utilities. Utility rates are lower than many other regions in Washington, and our local government debt is below average, which directly contributes to lower property taxes and affordability.


Strategic Position

The utilities and transportation sector has benefited greatly from Adams County’s convenient location in central Washington near I-90, US 395, SR 17, SR 26, and railroad lines BNSF and CBRR. In addition to our strategic position in Washington State, Adams County has made economic development grants available from $50,000 up to $100,000. 


Favorable Environment

Utility companies and businesses alike benefit from the favorable climate and environmental conditions of the region. Adams County is not prone to natural disasters, and utility uptime and reliability is consistently high. 

Meet The Utility Companies That Power Adams County:


CenturyLink and NOANET are the primary providers of broadband and fiber internet access, keeping Adams County residents and businesses reliably connected. 



Big Bend Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a member owned electric utility cooperative serving about 8,500 homes, businesses and farm accounts in the Columbia Basin area of Eastern Washington. Our headquarters is located in Ritzville, Washington. We also have a district office located in Mesa, Washington. Please take some time to get to know us a little better. After all, we are not just your power company. We are your family, friends and neighbors.  Click here to find out more about Big Bend Electric Cooperative.

Avista Utilities is another major electricity provider to Adams County, offering renewable energy sources through the distribution of wind energy, much of which is sourced from the Adams-Nielson Solar Farm in Lind between Lind and Ritzville. 

Area wind farm projects have had positive impacts in Adams County and contributed $1.4 million in property tax revenue in their first year. 

Our purpose goes beyond providing the energy that powers the daily lives of our customers. We’re here to improve the quality of life and to enhance the strength, health and vitality of the communities we serve, and the communities we call home. We’ve always been on the forefront of clean energy and innovation while balancing reliability, affordability, and responsibility for our environmental footprint. The Solar Select Project in Lind and the Rattlesnake Flat Wind Project in Adams County together have allowed us to add to the clean electricity we already provide, meet the energy needs of our customers without increasing bills, and help drive economic vitality in these communities.”

Natural Gas

Natural gas services are offered by Avista Utilities and Cascade Natural Gas Corporation. Our area natural gas providers demonstrate the highest level of environment stewardship and safety.

Kitchen gas cooker with burning fire propane gas.

Adams County Offers Affordable Housing

The offerings for new businesses in Adams County are plentiful. From available low-cost residential and commercial property to a solid all-weather truck friendly road network, new businesses thrive in our county.

We understand that while financial incentives are a key consideration for businesses looking to establish or relocate, there are human costs and needs that have to be accounted for. Our local residential and commercial real estate market is strong and more importantly, accessible. Affordable utility rates also contribute to a lower than average cost of living.

Adams County residents are able to achieve their goals of homeownership and work-life balance. Our close proximity to metropolitan areas including Spokane and Seattle provide Adams County residents with convenient access to “big city benefits” without having to pay the steadily-increasing cost of living in urban areas.

More Information

For information about economic development grants, and to learn more about our key offerings, tax incentives and current utility rates, contact us at 509-331-2042 or email us.

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