Education in Adams County

Holistic education programs aimed at developing the next generation of leaders

Educating Adams County

The Adams County Development Council works closely with area schools and district leaders to grow a future workforce that is equipped to handle the demands of an evolving professional landscape. 

As part of our work in developing the future leaders of Adams County, we have built a bridge between the development council and education. We help local employers connect directly with students and districts through yearly career development events that follow a trade show model. 

It’s important to our area education leaders and employers to establish consistent access to the future workforce, and our career showcases make those connections possible.

“As the Director of School to Career for Othello School District, I couldn’t be more grateful for the vision, energy and time spent in planning meetings and carrying out our Othello Career Showcase event each October. I am part of an amazing team that promotes workforce fulfillment and a well-rounded Career Pathway system for OSD students.”

-Amy Parris, Director of School to Career, Othello School District

Adams County Public Schools

The county consists of 4 public school districts that have invested heavily in career paths so that students are exposed early on to job opportunities. The region is home to multi-lingual school districts with students of 13 different dialects. We foster multi-ethnic learning opportunities and our commitment to diversity and inclusion is at the core of our schools’ curriculum. 


Class sizes are intentionally small so that students receive individual instruction and unparalleled access to resources. Our schools are fully connected to the region and the world with significant investments made in technology. Our future leaders are given every opportunity to succeed.

Learn More about Adams County School Districts

Learn more about Adams County school districts and how your company can benefit from our excellent education programs.

Higher Education in Adams County

Area colleges play a critical role in workforce job skills training. Big Bend Community College and Columbia Basin Technical Skills Center are just 25 minutes from Othello and provide the students of Adams County with valuable opportunities. 

Big Bend Community College brings employees directly to students through Career Pathways and upskilling programs, so that recruiters can contribute to the development of their future workforce. 

Big Bend Community College is more than a technical or junior college, it is a comprehensive community college providing you the opportunities to pursue your educational goals, improve your knowledge and skills, and complete the process at a fraction of the cost of most college and universities.

Columbia Basin Technical Skills Center is a regional center emphasizing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math with a focus on working together, communicating, creativity, and critical thinking.

Educational Resources

Our community is known for its quality school systems and works to support its growing educational programs and professional development courses to keep the county workforce strong and knowledgeable.

Assistance with building those skills to meet specific company needs is available through Washington’s valuable workforce training grants. To learn more, contact Radi Simeonova at 206-256-6114.

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