Adams County Workforce

Advancing a proud tradition of agricultural excellence

Washington's Heartland Workers

Adams County is historically agriculture-oriented, with food processing and food production making up the bulk of our manufacturing sector. Wheat farming was established in the late 1800s and since then our region has earned a distinction as a premier wheat producer. Today, more than 60 different crops are produced annually. Potatoes are a strong driver of international trade with much of the crop processed locally as french fries and exported overseas. 

Othello is poised to become the #1 producer of processed potatoes in the United States, pending the completion of the McCain Foods expansion slated for 2021. This expansion is projected to create 180 new full time jobs.

Adams County is home to a workforce that is deeply in tune with their role as a heartland people. Agriculture is ingrained in our history, and the people who live and work here have roots in the Columbia Basin that span generations. Our workforce is knowledgeable, hardworking, and deeply connected to food production. For many, farming is a generational occupation that they are proud to contribute to.

A Connected Workforce and Reliable Labor Pool

Our close proximity to major ports of trade and industry keep the workforce of Adams County connected to key resources that support growth in our region. Seattle is a mere 3 hour drive away from the core of Adams County, and an even closer distance to Spokane which is just 45 minutes from Ritzville on Interstate 90. These two regional transportation hubs provide a network that allows manufacturers and farmers easy access to deliver finished products to market.

Workforce Development in Adams County

The Adams County Development Council works closely with area employers and entrepreneurs to develop training and business planning programs aimed at helping businesses expand. As part of our commitment to implementing strong workforce development programs, we have partnered with area schools including Big Bend Community College to implement workforce job skills training. 

Adams County employers have direct access to their future workforce and have the opportunity to help develop the next generation of agriculture workers.

Businesses that participate in the Customized Employee Workforce Training Program may take a B&O tax credit for 50 percent of their payment to the training program.

Small Business Support

The Adams County Development Council works with the Small Business Development Center to assist you in improving your small business. Email Allan Peterson or call 509-762-6040 for more information.

Adams County Workforce Resources

Adams County Development Council can provide you with information about the North Central Washington Workforce Development Council and Skillsource that can connect you to training opportunities for your workforce.

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