Workforce Training

Working together with businesses to develop a top pool of talent in Adams County

Work with Adams County

Our focus has always been on working together with companies to attract and develop a strong workforce. As part of that mission, we’ve made significant investments in education and workforce training programs to keep talent in Adams County and positioned directly in front of local businesses.

Recent Workforce Training Outcomes in Adams County

Area school districts, in partnership with Adams County Development Council, have launched multiple career showcases that have connected 2,800 students with 35 local businesses. These workforce development “trade shows” bring employers directly to students and educators to collaborate on the curriculum and standards needed for students to develop into work-ready, qualified candidates.

Our commitment to helping businesses succeed extends beyond primary and higher education through our work in developing workforce training workshops. These highly successful programs are aimed at helping businesses and entrepreneurs build sustainable business models. To date, ACDC has provided 10 workshops to 225 attendees, and assisted 113 small businesses and 47 entrepreneurs develop the skills to grow their businesses in Adams County.

Big Bend Community College Workforce Development Programs

Big Bend Community College is a key partner in workforce training. Their wide range of degree and training programs are tailored to meet the demands of area businesses. 

In partnership with BBCC, Adams County Development Council creates opportunities for businesses to work directly with area educators to develop curriculum that teaches the specific skills required by area employers.

BBCC’s Center for Business and Industry Services develops rapid startup training for employers and can help businesses secure training subsidies.

Big Bend Community College offers these key degree and training programs:

And many more high demand programs.

For more information about how your business can benefit from workforce development programs in Adams County, visit the link provided.

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